We are HR DEPT.

We aim to be your trusted partner for services on human resources working paper for the Client’s employees (who are assigned to work in Vietnam by the Client); and for other professional services and office administrative services.

Scope of work

We focus on Payroll service and Payslip software service.
Additionally, one of our key services is as following:
Contact with the Company’s authorized person(s) to gather relevant information on number of paid and unpaid days, income (salary, bonus, allowance, etc.) and personal information of employees (email address, tax code number, etc.);
Prepare the labor contracts in accordance with the Company’s template under the name of HR Dept. Vietnam Co., Ltd.. Then, under the name of HR Dept. Vietnam Co., Ltd., we will:
  • Prepare the monthly payroll sheet which provides (i) the employees’ contribution and the employers’ contribution for Social, Health and Unemployment Insurance (SHUI) and (ii) Personal Income Tax (PIT) obligations of the employees to be withhold to person in-charge of the Company for review, comment and confirmation in accordance with the agreed time schedule;
  • Prepare (1) SHUI registration for new employee, (2) PIT code registration for new employee (if any), (3) periodical PIT declaration, and (4) tax dependent registration of employee (if any) then send to person in-charge of the Company for review, comment and confirmation;
  • Inform the payment amount to the Company for payment of Salary, SHUI, Union Fee and PIT; then make payment directly on behalf of the Company;
  • Send monthly pay-slips in accordance with the Company’s template to the Company’s employees through their email addresses as provided by the Company.


No. Content Fee
01 Monthly fee 8% per gross salary per headcount
(Excluding VAT but Including all surcharges for printing fee, travelling…)
  • 100% of monthly fee will be billed at the end of the relevant month.
  • The cost-paid-on-behalf shall be added up 10% VAT when issuing the VAT invoice to the Company.
  • Advance deposit 01-month of total cost to be paid-on-behalf (estimated lump-sum).

Office solutions

Payslip Software which is automatically locked by private password and sent as attachment on email to each employee on monthly basis.

Digital signature for contract signing and mandatory insurance declaration procedures.

Other technology, software and office products.